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How To Install & Setup Magisk Manager on Prime OS [Latest]

How To Install & Setup Magisk Manager on Prime OS [Latest]

In this post, I wanna show you, how to install & setup the latest Magisk manager on prime os. This Magisk manager properly working on any prime os nougat 64-bit operating system.

What is Magisk?

On the off chance that you’ve been around the Android world throughout the previous hardly any years, you’ve most likely heard the expression “Magisk” being tossed around. It’s a generally new instrument for tweaking Android gadgets. It was created by XDA Developer topjohnwu in 2016. Magisk is an option in contrast to the long-standing SuperSU, yet it’s significantly more than only a root strategy. There are some key things you should think about this well-known device before you make a plunge.

What is Magisk?

What is Magisk Manager?

Magisk Manager is a great instrument that causes you to oversee Magisk on any Android gadget. To be progressively exact forthright, Magisk Manager is the best option to SuperSu created by Chainfire, and the prior was created by an XDA Developer named Topjohnwu.


  1. Magisk Framework Zip [For Prime OS]
  2. Magisk Manager APK
  3. Magisk Fix [For Command Terminal Fixed]
  4. Some Working Knowledge

How to install Magisk

Step 01: Collect all the suggested files from above, if you have already collected then skip this step.

Step 02: From the downloaded file you will get a zip file called “Magisk_XX”, extract it to the homepage of the SD card, and change it from the default name to “Magisk”

Step 03: Press Alt+F1 or Alt+Fn+F1 from the keyboard options of your laptop or PC and open the command terminal tab. Or you can open the command terminal tab using the Temux app.

Step 04: Type the following code into the command terminal and press Enter.

  sh /sdcard/magisk/script

Step 05: Close the Command Terminal tab by pressing Alt+F7 or Alt+Fn+F7, or close the Command Terminal tab of the Temux App.

Step 06: Install the latest Magisk Manager APK

Step 07: Restart your laptop or PC and enter to Windows operating system.

Step 08: Open the Prime OS installation folder on your PC or laptop, and back it up to initrd.img and ramdisk.img. And copy the initrd.img and ramdisk.img file from our suggested file to the Prime OS installation folder.

Step 09: Then restart your PC or laptop and enter the Prime OS operating system. After entering, open the Magic Manager app. It will then show a popup message called Additional Setup if you have an internet connection on your PC or laptop. And if there is no internet connection, in that case, no effect message will show, the direct installation will show successful.

Step 10: Normally if the additional setup is completed by pressing OK, then the default command terminal of Priem OS will not work. The following shows how the additional setup of Prime OS is successfully completed and the default command terminal works.

How to setup Magisk manager

Step 01: Extract the file to the homepage of the SD card, and run the “” file from FX File Manager or MT Manager with root permission.

Step 02: If the Internet connection is not connected, connect the Internet connection, and open the Magisk Manager app.

Step 03: A pop-up window or tab called Additional Setup will show. From there press the OK button and it will restart your PC or laptop in 5 seconds.

Step 04: After restarting, re-enter the Prime OS operating system and open the Magisk Manager apps. You will see that the installation is complete and it will show if you open the default terminal by pressing Alt+F1.


Following the above processes, it is possible to completely fix the default command terminal of any Prime OS Nougat version of the 64-bit operating system with Magisk Manager. Hopefully, the above processes have been completed correctly and the Magisk Manager installation and default command terminal have been completely fixed.