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Phoenix OS Skyline v1.0 Android OS for Laptop & PC [Latest]

Phoenix OS Skyline Android x86 OS For PC & Laptop, Phoenix OS Mod Best For PUBG Mobile. Phoenix OS Skyline is an android x86 based operating system. Phoenix OS Skyline is an Unofficial project by Tips Lab Team & this project modded from Phoenix OS Official. Phoenix OS Skyline supported most of Laptop, Desktop & tablet.

Warning: Don’t use NFS Injector or FDE.AL Injector because If you used then your OS performance got decrease. Use only LSpeed following our setup guide, It’s very important.

Phoenix OS Skyline is a free, Android™ based venture working framework that can be introduced on tablets, workstations, and personal computers. It is an “upgraded” rendition of Android™ concentrated on bringing Windows highlights, for example, the notable “Start Menu” and “Errand Bar”.

The design is to cause clients to feel increasingly great while moving from Windows® to Android™.

Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows®, and other item names are either enrolled trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and additionally different nations.

Trademark Note 2: Google and the Google logo are enrolled trademarks of Google Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Phoenix OS Skyline Reviews:

On the off chance that you are searching for an Android™ work area working framework, Phoenix OS merits considering. Phoenix OS Skyline is accessible for Android™ gadgets just as x86 PCs. It absolutely has a considerable amount of issues yet it is practical and extraordinarily unmistakable from other comparative Android™ based working frameworks, for example, Remix OS. How about we investigate the subtleties of Phoenix OS Skyline.

Phoenix OS Skyline Basics: You can download Phoenix OS Skyline as a custom ROM. It would then be able to be introduced in a Nexus® 10 tablet or a Google® Nexus® 9. There is additionally an x86 download adaptation that you can stack up onto a USB streak drive. Feel free to take it with you for in a hurry processing. Phoenix OS Skyline can be booted on PCs with a 64 piece chip yet not those with 32 piece chips. In spite of the fact that it is intended for use on huge screens, it is as yet operational with littler measured gadgets. There is likewise support for console and mouse gadgets.

Prerequisites and Steps for Use: Phoenix OS Skyline is genuinely simple to utilize. Here’s a glance at the fundamental establishment steps. Start by connecting a USB streak drive that has at least 4GB of space. Spare significant information as unsaved data will be cleaned a couple of steps later. Download the Phoenix OS Skyline ZIP. Simultaneously download the USBMaker device. Run USBMaker.exe then select the ZIP record that was downloaded, the blaze drive letter, and select the case for “compose”. Plugin the USB streak drive that you need Phoenix OS Skyline to run on. Boot up the PC and select the USB streak drive from the boot alternatives menu. That is it. The establishment passes by faster than anticipated and the client experience configuration is strong.

Phoenix OS Skyline Control and Style: Any individual who has utilized Windows® or other Android™ OS options, for example, Remix OS will find that Phoenix OS Skyline is anything but difficult to work. It has a fundamental work area, multi-window support, and taskbar. Utilize the Phoenix logo in the base left to get to a menu. Here, you can discover your applications and alternate routes for a wide range of choices and data. The first run through the application menu is propelled it will involve the full screen. You can contract it by tapping the bolt symbol so it doesn’t command the screen when utilized once more. The framework even permits you to work with different applications simultaneously.

Flaws: Many individuals have remarked that the product is somewhat like Remix OS for PC. Some state that Phoenix OS is fundamentally a vigorously adjusted rendition of Android™ 5.1 Lollipop. The client’s experience revealed difficulty with resizing program windows. The text styles frequently neglect to alter until the client invigorates the website page. Additionally, after a window is resized, it is hard to relocate it to another spot on the screen. Usually, such an endeavor results in inadvertently augmenting the window.

Phoenix OS Skyline is adaptable, easy to use, and doesn’t burden your PC. It has quite recently enough various highlights to isolate from different other options and you most likely saw that I continued referencing Remix OS. The program’s window the board, settings supervisor, default document program, and different perspectives have all been refreshed and improved. Phoenix OS Skyline doesn’t have issues running on gadgets that have USB 2.0 ports. You can even take your blaze drive and supplement it into an entirely unexpected PC. Your settings and applications will, in any case, be there. Try not to be hesitant to take a risk on Phoenix OS Skyline. You will probably be satisfied with its exhibition.


– Smooth & Stable
– Linux Kernel v4.9.95 / v4.13.5 / v4.14.15 / v4.19.7 / v4.19.15 / v4.19.27 / v4.19.50
– Mesa 17.1.10
– WiFi
– Ethernet
– Bluetooth
– Camera
– Calculator
– Calendar
– Voice Recorder
– Chrome Browser
– Game Helper
– FX File Manager
– Settings
– MagiskSU
– LSpeed
– GL Tools
– Viper4Android
– Play Store
– Gallery
– HTML Viewer
– Launcher
– Xposed Installer
– USB Cable
– Mouse
– Keyboard
– Headphone
– and many more


v1.0 (08/09/2020):
– Updated Till Phoenix OS Official v3.6.1 if you want any old update just copy it from ‘system.img (Optional Updates).zip’ and replace it in system folder using Android PC Toolbox. Some users say that v3.0.8 Official is faster than v3.6.1 Official that’s why I separate updates so that anyone can choose whichever update they want.
– Removed All Phoenix OS VIP Ads.
– Changed Kernel to v4.14.15 (Phoenix OS).
– Rooted System with both modules (Systemless Magisk-Active/SuperSU-Passive).
– Added Magisk Manager to v7.3.2 & Modules to v19.3
– Added Xposed Installer v3.1.5 (by DVD android) & Xposed Framework v89 (x86_64).
– Added ViPER4Android FX v2.7.1.0 & FX Driver v2.5.0.4
– Added Easy DPI Changer v6.0.3 (Support 4k-Full HD Display).
– Added Simple Reboot v8.1 (Fast Reboot Function).
– Changed the Look’s & Theme’s of Default Settings Apps & Added New Icons.
– Added FX File Manager Premium v8.0.1.0
– Removed Default Phoenix OS Apps like CZ Feedback, CZ Novice Help, CZ TextEditor, DeskClock, Default E-Mail, Exact-Calculator, Stardust Browser, 360手机助手, Baidu IME, iQIYI, 云电脑, 日历 Calander.
– Added Google-Based Apps like Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Calculator, Google Calander, Google DeskClock, Google PlayGames, GoogleInstantApps, Google Text-To-Speach, Talkback, Google Wallpapers, Youtube.
– Added Google App v10.49.11.21, Updated Google Play Store v16.4.25 & Google Play Services v18.7.19 and All Gapps Updated to latest versions.
– Added Chrome Browser & Chrome Switcher (Switch Google Chrome View to Desktop Mode or Mobile Mode).
– Changed Keyboard with GBoard (Multilanguage support).
– Updated Android System WebView v65.0.3325.144
– Updated Calander Storage v8.1.0.
– Added ANT Plugins & Services.
– Fixed Wifi auto-connect issues.
– Fixed Bluetooth for some Broadcom devices.
– Fixed Mouse Acceleration Issues.
– Fixed Unreal Engine Issues.
– Fixed Mic and Sound Issues.
– Changed Start Button (Start-Orb).
– Changed Bootanimation.
– Changed Cursor, Default User-Picture, and Default Wallpaper.
– All Apps are Updated till 09-09-2019


Phoenix OS Skyline Android OS for Laptop & PC

Important Notes:

  • This MOD is rooted with Magisk and optimizations are made accordingly. You can use also SuperSU root. For this:
    You must change file names from initrd.img > initrd.magisk / initrd.supersu > initrd.img / ramdisk.img > ramdisk.magisk / ramdisk.supersu > ramdisk.img / And install the SuperSU apk (From Playstore) Then Restart the system.
  • If you are still experiencing a lag problem, that means, unfortunately, your hardware is inadequate.
  • Open Easy DPI Changer & grant root permissions and then set the resolution to 1600×900 for better clarity & view in PUBG Mobile (If your Display size is 15.6 inches ‘Default Laptop Display Size’ it is the best resolution to Play PUBG Mobile.)
  • All discs are automatically accessed. If you want to use FX File Manager for access all disk partition : Run FX File Manager Go To, > System (root) > mnt > runtime > default > disk 0 disk 1 … etc. – Bookmark them.
  • This version is made with Phoenix OS Library, If you want to install any MesaGL Driver just copy it from ‘system.img (Optional Updates).zip’ and replace it in system folder using Android PC Toolbox.
  • If you want to change Kernel, I provide 8 Kernel versions, use which is more compatible with your system. Note: change Kernel using ‘Android PC Toolbox’ after first boot only.
  • You will face boot errors if you use different Kernel except Kernel 4.13.5, 4.14.15 (Phoenix OS) & 4.19.50 (Phoenix OS). (Everything depends on your system type, may different Kernel can also boot on your system, but don’t take the risk).
  • The 8 types of Kernel are:
    Kernel v4.9.95, Kernel v4.13.5, Kernel v4.14.15 (Phoenix OS), Kernel v4.14.15 (Prime OS), Kernel v4.19.7, Kernel v4.19.15, Kernel v4.19.27 (Prime OS), Kernel v4.19.50 (Phoenix OS).
  • All Kernels are Located in Tools folder:
    You can add or remove apps as per your choice. I provide all necessary apps in the Apps folder & all necessary tools and performance tweaks on Tools folder.

System Requirements:

  • SSE4.2 Supported CPU
  • OpenGL 2.0+ Supported GPU (v8) / OpenGL 3.0+ Supported GPU (v8.1)
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 8 GB HDD free space

Credits & Thanks:

  1. Android x86 Project [Licences under Apache 2.0]
  2. PhoenixOS Team [Skyline was based on POS]
  3. Skyline Gaming [For Skyline Project]
  4. Tips Lab Team [For Thunder Project]
  5. Woltrex [For ROC Project]
  6. DarkMatter Team [For Darmatter Projet]
  7. The Open GApps Project [For Gapps Packed]
  8. Topjohnwu [For Magisk Manager]

Download Link:

Click Here To Download

Approximate Size: 1.1 GB
Password: No Need

Installations Guide:

  1. Install the system and reboot it.
  2. Make an Internet connection. Open Magisk Manager and confirm “additional setup” notice.
  3. Open Easy DPI Changer & grant root permissions and then set the resolution to 1600×900 for better clarity & view in PUBG Mobile (If your Display size is 15.6 inches ‘Default Laptop Display Size’ it is the best resolution to Play PUBG Mobile.)
  4. Open ViPER4Android FX –
    then go to Headphones, turn on Master Limiter & then click on Master Limiter & set Output Gain 0db > 6db
    then go to Speaker, turn on Master Limiter & then click on Master Limiter & set Output Gain 0db > 6db
    do the same for Bluetooth & USB.
  5. Install Performance Tweaker and grant root permissions go to CPU & Change Governor to Performance, then go to Settings inside Performance Tweaker and click on Apply on Boot & select CPU and Then go to Settings > Autorun and turn on Performance Tweaker.
  6. Install Lspeed and grant root permissions & select Profile > Performance & Then go to Settings > Autorun and turn on Lspeed.
  7. Install NFS Injector (Magisk Module) and restart the system.
    Then go to System(root) > Data > NFS – Edit the files with text editor :
    *governor.txt – OnDemand > performance | *mode.txt – 0 > 1 | *scale.txt – 1 > 0.5 then Restart the system.
  8. Install Additional Magisk Modules- (For more performance)
    *FDE AI (FeraDroid Engine Artificial Intelligence )
    *GPU Turbo Boost
    *Improve Gaming Xperience
    *Universal GMS Doze
    *Kitana Tweak
  9. For PUBG Mobile Users:
    1. Install and launch PUBG Mobile and make your custom settings in-game. (sensitivity, controls, etc) Then Close the game.
    2. Then Install GFX Tool and set in-game Resolution to 1600×900 (For better view & clarity: Optional) and Graphics according to your System.