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How To Create Android x86 boot.IMG (Image) using AIK Tools

If you are an Android x86 user, you will not find a boot image anywhere. If the boot image is not in the Android x86 operating system, if so, where is it? And that’s how it comes out. Yes, the boot image of the Android x86 operating system comes in the different kernel, ramdisk.img, and initrd.img formats. It can be converted into a boot image through Android Image Kitchen Tools (AIK Tools).

This is the important substance for making a boot image to patch magisk and other significant things on each Android x86 framework. Everybody can make a boot image with some straightforward advances that you need to follow.

What’s the boot.img file in Android_x86?

Android x86 boot.IMG (image) contains the kernel, ramdisk & initrd, critical files necessary to load the device before the filesystem can be mounted. You have to create an android x86 boot.img using Android Image Kitchen (AIK Tools).


1. AIK Tools (Android Image Kitchen)
2. Windows Laptop or PCs
3. Some Working Knowledge

How To Create Android_x86 boot.img

Step 01: Download Android Image Kitchen for Windows and Extract zip files anywhere.

Step 02: Go inside the extracted folder, click on “android_win_tool”

How To Create Android x86 boot.IMG

Step 03: Copy your android x86 kernel, ramdisk.img, and initrd.img on “android_win_tool” folder.

How To Create Android x86 boot.IMG

How To Create Android x86 boot.IMG

Step 04: To get the CMD (Command Prompt) terminal, type CMD as in the picture below and press Enter, then you will get the CMD (Command Prompt) terminal.

How To Create Android x86 boot.IMG

Step 05: Now type the following code in CMD (Command Prompt) terminal and press “Enter”. Code:

mkbootimg --kernel kernel --ramdisk ramdisk.img --second initrd.img --output boot.img

How To Create Android x86 boot.IMG

Step 06: Now close CMD (Command Prompt) and check the “android_win_tool” folder to get the boot.IMG (boot image).

How To Create Android x86 boot.IMG

It is possible to create an image of any Android x86 operating system by following these methods and you will not face any kind of error through this process.