Prime OS Beast v1.0-x86 Android x86 OS For Low Ended PC

Prime OS Beast v1.0-x86 Android x86 OS For Low Ended PC

Prime OS Beast v1.0-x86 Android x86 OS For Low Ended PC
PrimeOS furnishes complete Desktop experience on Android with access to a large number of Android applications. Change your PC into the Best Mobile Gaming Device! Presently play any Android games at the solace of Keyboard and Mouse! The quickest gaming stage for Android, play Android games at an agreeable console and mouse with the DecaPro device.
Prime OS Beast v1.0-x86 Android x86 OS For Low Ended PC

PrimeOS working framework and Android Emulator gives a total work area experience like Windows PC or macOS with access to a large number of Android applications. It is intended to present to you the best of the two universes - a total combination of Android and PC.

Warning: PrimeOS is allowed to utilize the product in its beta form and is continually a work in progress. We are not liable for any sort of harm, information misfortune, or whatever else that transpires or your gadget due to PrimeOS. If it's not too much trouble don't hesitate to report bugs and different recommendations, we will consider them on the off chance that they appear to be significant for some clients. 

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  • Numerous highlights to give a work area experience like Start Menu, taskbar, and so on. 
  • Multi-window support with amplify, limit, close, resize, and so on. 
  • The alternative to cripple multi-window for any application in the event that you need it. 
  • General console alternate ways like alt+tab, alt+f4, win+d, and so on. 
  • Near AOSP involvement in just essential work area highlights. 
  • Taskbar with the capacity to stick applications, show notices, and framework symbols. 
  • Decapro key mapping device to mess around with a console and mouse (Press F12). 
  • Pre mapped some mainstream games like PUBG, Fortnite, Subway surf, and so on. 
  • GPU apparatuses are accessible to counterfeit GPU data for any game. 
  • Open gapps incorporated no compelling reason to introduce them physically. 
  • OTA support is accessible however just on the off chance that you introduce in the EXT4 RW segment. 
  • Input application is accessible for you all to share your musings. 
  • The up-spilled bit to Linux 4.14.x.


v1.0 (07-02-2020:
  1. Init.d Tweaks added
  2. Bootable on every PC
  3. Rooted with Magisk 19.3
  4. Optimized for PUBG Mobile and Free Fire
  5. There is no bloatware in the system!
  6. Chrome, Youtube and FX File Explorer are still their
  7. No Gapps Crash Issues
  8. No Magisk Crash Issues
  9. Kernel Issues Fixed (Used Kernel 4.14.15 PrimeOS Built by Guneet) 
  10. Mesa 17.1.10 with SSE2, SSE4.1,x86 support
  11. Ethernet connection issues fixed. Thanks to Shaktiraj Parmar, a member of our discord server
  12. Decapro key mapper somehow fixed (Not much)
  13. Added Call of Duty Mobile support. Works only on some devices, Use Gltools for fixing Graphical Glitches. Thanks to Legendary Gamer to fix the COD Mobile force stop issue.
  14. Apps freezing issues have been fixed. No more app stopped working issues
  15. One click resolution change script and app
  16. Literally no problem with Trackpad 
  17. Boot times improved
  18. Mic Issues fix (Thanks to Reddit's Community users)
  19. Build.prop tweaks. Thanks to Andrews-Aio YouTube
  20. No compiling resources issues
  21. Boot animations and wallpapers by Dimas Zacks.
  22. And many more features are included


  • For this strategy, you need Etcher/Rufus, the PrimeOS iso record. We prescribe you to utilize a respectable speed USB drive (8GB or bigger). 
  • For glimmering PrimeOS to the USB drive, plug in your USB drive, and dispatch Etcher/Rufus. Presently select the PrimeOS iso document, make the bootable USB. 
  • Note: Be cautious with the means underneath and reinforcement your information in case you don't know about what you are doing. 
  • For introducing PrimeOS on your HDD/SSD/SDcard, first, make another segment for PrimeOS ( proposed least size is 16GB ). 
  • Mood killer the safe boot of your gadget and afterward boot up the PrimeOS USB by squeezing Esc or F12, contingent upon your profiles menu key, and choosing the PrimeOS USB to boot from. 
  • Select the 'Introduce PrimeOS alternative from the GRUB menu. 
  • The installer will load, and you will have an alternative to pick which segment you made before. Pick it, and select Ext4 for designing the drive. 
  • At the point when it inquires as to whether you need to introduce Grub, select YES. 
  • At the point when completed, the installer will at that point inquire as to whether you need to run PrimeOS, you can simply reboot here, and ensure you expel the USB drive.


  • Chipsets: AMD, Intel & Nvidia supported
  • Ram: 2 GB or Higher
  • Free Space: 8 GB HDD+
  • Bit Version: x86 (32-bit)
  • GPU: SSE2, SSE4.1, x86 support


Click Here (588 MB)


- NFS V2 Module (Recommended for using it for maximum performance) :)
Magisk Manager v7.3.4 for x86 Prime OS [Don't Update Magisk Manager]


  1. Android x86 Project [Licenced under Apache 2.0]
  2. PrimeOS Team [Beast was based on POS]
  3. Royal Dante [For Beast Project]
  4. The Open GApps Project [For Gapps Packed]
  5. Topjohnwu [For Magisk Manager]
  6. Androws AIO
  7. Dimas Zacks
  8. Shaktiraj Parmar
  9. Guneet
  10. Legendary Gamer
  11. Spectre
  12. xxDaKsHxx 
  13. Dimas Zacks
Android x86 Project

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