Monday, March 16, 2020

[Stable] Phoenix OS Thunder v4.0 Best Gaming OS For Low Ended PC (HDR 60fps, No Lag, No Ads)

Phoenix OS Thunder specially modded for all PUBG Mobile Global, PUBG Mobile Lite, PUBG Mobile KR, PUBG Mobile VN, Free Fire, etc. Phoenix OS Thunder new project release by Tips Lab team, our previous project is Phoenix OS TL Mod. I hope everyone support my new project Phoenix OS Thunder.
Phoenix OS Thunder

Compiling Resources: PUBG Mobile compiling resources problem fixed with HDR 60fps with official mesa v17.1.10

Lag Issue: Better than official version and you can get smooth game play without lag issue 90%. If you used L-Speed then you get 99.99% lag free game play. How to setup l-speed click here to see.

Error Issue: Sometimes you're facing some hang issue and unfortunately close app issue but in this version you can not face this issue.

Root: Magisk v19.3+SuperSU dual added in this version and fixed all modules issue. Latest version not comfortable with phoenix os.

Phoenix Vip Services: Phoenix Vip Services app permanently removed with smooth & stable performance

Launcher: Latest Thunder Launcher added and phoenix os stock launcher removed.

L-speed: Latest official L-speed added for 99.99% lag free.

Audio Issue: In this version you can not change any line from because it's already fixed with first boot in this version.

Bootanimation: New bootanimation added with perfect resolution

Gapps: Latest Pico Gapps 20200315 added

Viper4Android FX: Viper4Android drivers pre-installed in OS system but app not included in system you need to install manually and you can used any Viper4Android app.

Xposed Installer: Xposed installer is not included or added in this version If you want to install click here to see how to install xposed installer on phoenix os.


- Modify with PhoenixOS v3.6.1.64 Official
- Smooth & Stable
- Pre-rooted with Magisk v19.3+SuperSU
- Kernel Linux 4.14.15
- OpenGL v3.1 Mesa v17.1.10
- Wi-Fi
- Ethinet
- Bluetooth
- Camera (If your PC supported)
- Audio Recording
- Video Recording
- Chrome Browser
- Chrome Browser Web View
- Google PlayStore
- Google PlayGames
- Google Photos
- Google Play Music
- Vpn
- Calendar
- Clock
- Calculator
- File Explorer Plus
- Root Explorer Pro
- L Speed Optimizer
- Headphone supported
- USB cable supported
- Mouse and Keyboard supported 
- Octopus official
- And many more...


Thunder v4.0:
- No lag, No ban, HDR 60fps fixed 100% Guaranteed
- 99.99% stable better than all thunder & tl mod
- New gaming tweak added
- Latest gapps (20200315) pico added
- Big mouse cursor fixed
- Some games full screen mod added [CODM, Free Fire, etc]
- New settings icon packed added
- Very fast working
- and some minor bug fixed

Thunder v3.0:

- More stable better than thunder v2.0
- New gaming tweak added
- Latest gapps (20200117) pico added
- WiFi now more stable
- New mod Thunder Launcher added
- Disk partition showing fixed with FX File Manager
- New mouse cursor added
- Init.d tweak remove for lagging
- and some minor bug fixed

Thunder v2.0:
- More stable better than thunder v1.0
- Now init.d supported with stock kernel
- New init.d gaming tweak added
- Latest Gapps v19.6.29 (20191113) pico added
- Pre-rooted with Magisk v19.3+SuperSU
- SuperSU included app supported (like Jamu PUBG)
- Play Store login issue fixed
- Audio bug fixed from source
- Viper4Android FX v2.7.1.0 added
- Latest official L-speed added
- RootLess Pixel Launcher removed & official phoenix os launcher added
- and some minor bug fixed

Thunder v1.0:

- Smooth & Stable better than official version
- PUBG Mobile compiling resource issue fixed with 60fps
- All gaming lag issue fixed
- Modded with official mesa v17.1.10
- Removed some unwanted apps
- Some working app added
- L-speed optimizer mod app added
- Pre-rooted with magisk v20.1
- Vip Services app removed permanently
- New bootanimation added
- Display Density & Display Resolution menu in settings fixed
- Best gaming tweak added
- Some minior bugs fixed
- And lot's more...


Tips Lab

Tips Lab


- Chipsets: AMD, Intel & Nvidia supported
- CPU: SSE 4.2 supported
- GPU: OpenGL 3.1 Supported
- Ram: 2 GB or Higher
- Free Space: 8 GB HDD+


- S. M. Nahid Emon (Thunder Developer)
- Tips Lab Team
- PhoenixOS Team Official
- Android x86 Team
- Open Gapps Team
- XDA Developers
- Chainfire
- Topjohnwu
- AOSP Team



Phoenix OS Thunder v4.1


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