Thursday, November 14, 2019

Phoenix OS TL Mod v3.5 Best Gaming OS For Low Ended PC (Compiling Resources Fixed)

What's TL Mod: TL Mod mean modify by Tips Lab Team, this is specially moded for PUBG Mobile Global, PUBG Mobile KR, PUBG Mobile VN, PUBG Mobie CN, Garena Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, etc. If you are Phoenix OS user then we are recommended to use this modify version because this is best mod and better than Phoenix OS Official & Phoenix OS ROC.

PUBGM Compiling Resources: PUBG Mobile compiling resources issue fully fixed in this version with 30 fps (for 60 fps we need to install gfx tools or others tools).

PUBGM Lag: PUBG Mobile lag 99.99% fixed like Phoenix OS TL Mod v2.0. You can get better performance than phoenix os official version or phoenix os roc.

Magisk v19.4: In this version pre-rooted with latest magisk v19.4 and magisk manager v7.3.4. Magisk modules fixed in this version you can see installed modules on modules menu.
OpenGL Mesa: OpenGL 3.1 Mesa v18.1.0 included from PrimeOS mainline and OpenGL 3.1 Mesa 18.3.0 removed for lagging.
Viper4Android FX: Pre-installed in system app with latest Viper4Android FX v2.7.1.0 and all drivers installation issue fixed. No need to do anythings its pre-installed with drivers.
Display Density: Display density changer like official fixed in this version. Some one comment tell me that fixed it so for them finally I fixed it.
Phoenix Vip Services: Phoenix vip services app permanently removed. You can enjoy fully ads free performance.

Jamu PUBG: Jamu PUBG fully supported and fixed in this version like official because some one comment tell me.

Bootanimation: New biker bootanimation added in this version and old marvel dc bootanimation removed.

and lots of modify features included in this version.

- Modify with PhoenixOS v3.6.1.64 Official
- Smooth & Stable
- Pre-rooted with Magisk v19.4 & Magisk Manager v7.3.4
- Kernel Linux 4.14.15
- OpenGL v3.1 Mesa v18.1.0
- Wi-Fi
- Ethinet
- Bluetooth
- Camera (If your PC supported)
- Audio Recording
- Video Recording
- Chrome Browser
- Chrome Browser Web View
- Google PlayStore
- Google PlayGames
- Google Photos
- Google Play Music
- Gmail
- Youtube
- Vpn
- Calendar
- Clock
- Calculator
- File Explorer
- Root Explorer Pro
- L Speed Gaming Boostet
- Xposed Installer
- Viper4Android
- Headphone supported
- USB cable supported
- Mouse and Keyboard supported 
- Octopus official
- And many more...

TL MOD v3.5:
- Modify with PhoenixOS v3.6.1.64 Official (64-bit Version)
- PUBGM Lag Fixed 99.99% [same as TL Mod v2.0)
- Pre-rooted with Magisk v19.4 & Magisk Manager v7.3.4
- New OpenGL 3.1 Mesa v18.1.0 Added (From PrimeOS Mainline)
- PUBGM Compiling Resource Issue Fixed
- Magisk Modules Fixed (All modules showing)
- Viper4Android FX v2.7.1.0 Added
- Pre-installed Viper4Android FX Drivers
- Display Density & Display Resolution Menu in Settings Fixed
- PUBGM 30 FPS Limit (For 60 FPS Use GFX Tools)
- New Biker bootanimation Added
- TL Mod v3.5 New Wallpaper Added
- Jamu PUBG App Fully Supported

TL Mod v3.0:
- Mesa v18.3.0 update added
- New mouse cursor added
- TL Mod v3.0 new wallpaper added
- PUBG Mobile compiling resource problem fixed
- PUBG Mobile high ping issue fixed (who face on v2.5)
- Some minior bugs fixed

TL Mod v2.5:
- Modded with POS v3.6.0 features
- Pre-rooted with Magisk v19.3
- All Magisk issue and moduls issue fixed
- Remove PhoenixVip Permanently
- Google play service error notification fixed
- File Manager all storage permission showing
- Cloud PC app removed
- Marvel DC bootanimation added
- Xposed Installer added
- New Green Black Mouse Cursor added
- TL Mod v2.5 New Wallpaper Added
- New Profile Picture Added
- New Gaming Tweak added in ramdisk.img
- Latest L Speed added
- Google Play Music added
- Google Photos added
- Best gaming performance added
- PUBG Mobile 99.99% Lag free

TL Mod v2.0:
- PUBG Mobile Reduce Lag 99.99%
- Faster than official anythings
- CZ File Explorer added
- New wallpaper added
- File Explorer Plus removed
- File Manager all disk partitions fixed
- Xposed Installer Removed
- Magisk Remove and SuperSU default root added
- All Gapps Updated
- New Some Gapps added (Gmail, PlayGames, Youtube)
- Youtube google play service update fixed (Latest play service added)
- and many more changes.

- SSE 4.2 Supported GPU
- OpenGL 3.1 Supported GPU (v7.1)
- 2 GB or Higher Ram
- 8 GB HDD Free Space

- Tips Lab Team
- PhoenixOS Team Official
- XDA Developers
- Chainfire
- Topjohnwu
- Mesa 3D Graphics Library
- PrimeOS Team
- Team Google
- RemixOS Team


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