Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Phoenix OS TL Mod Users Must See About Fake Copyright

Phoenix OS

About Fake Copyright: Our team was decided to about phoenix os tl mod that next time we are not publish any new update on tipslab website but we can share on our social pages so please connect with us on social media
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What's Phoenix OS: Phoenix OS is an android x86 based operating system and you can run any android apps and games on phoenix os. Phoenix OS is android open source project. 

What's Open Source: All android operating system is open source project and this product build by google so anyone can modify edit and build it.

Which is owner of Phoenix OS: Beijing Chaozhuo Technology Co., Ltd. and main developer is Chaozhuo.

Which software Tips Lab Team using for Phoenix OS: Tips Lab Team using PhoenixOS Tool Box v1.0 NB Edition for Phoenix OS unpacking and repacking and mores. Phoenix OS v1.0 NB Edition main developer Newabi Tech Team and they are permitted to used it.

Which files and instruments included in TL Mod: 
- For Unpacking & Repacking: Phoenix OS Tool Box v1.0 NB Edition
- Mesa GL: Tips Lab Team collect mesa gl from prime os mainline and those mesa version v18.1.0
- and others like wallpaper, bootanimation, mouse cursor, and software collect from google and all fully free without copyright.

About Woltrex (phoenix os roc): Woltrex is fake developer of phoenix os and phoenix os roc is very very rubbish mod. Again i also challenge with phoenix os roc. If you are real developer then make a new own operating system why you copy and follow others operating system.

Which is best: Please comment which is best mode phoenix os tl mod or phoenix os roc

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