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[Full] Magisk v20.0 & Magisk Manager v7.3.5 For Phoenix OS v3.6.1

Magisk Manager
Magisk Manager is best SuperSU app you can got lot's of future with magisk manager. Magisk v20.0 & Magisk Manager v7.3.5 Working Good On Phoenix OS v3.6.1 x86_64 Official.

Magisk v20.0- 
- [MagiskBoot] Support inject/modify mnt_point value in DTB fstab
- [MagiskBoot] Support patching QCDT
- [MagiskBoot] Support patching DTBH
- [MagiskBoot] Support patching PXA- DT
- [MagiskInit] [2SI] Support non A/B setup (Android 10)
- [MagiskHide] Fix bug that reject process names with “:”
- [MagicMount] Fix a bug that cause /product mirror not created

Magisk v19.3-
- [MagiskHide] Hugely improve process monitor implementation, hopefully should no longer cause 100% CPU and daemon crashes
- [MagiskInit] Wait for partitions to be ready for early mount, should fix bootloops on a handful of devices
- [MagiskInit] Support EROFS used in EMUI 9.1
- [MagiskSU] Properly implement mount namespace isolation
- [MagiskBoot] Proper checksum calculation for header v2

Magisk v19.2-
- [General] Fix uninstaller
- [General] Fix bootloops on some devices with tmpfs mounting to /data
- [MagiskInit] Add Kirin hi6250 support
- [MagiskSU] Stop claiming device focus for su logging/notify if feasible: This fix issues with users locking Magisk Manager with app lock, and prevent
video apps get messed up when an app is requesting root in the background.

Magisk v19.1-
- [General] Support recovery based Magisk
- [General] Support Android Q Beta 2
- [MagiskInit] New sbin overlay setup process for better compatibility
- [MagiskInit] Allow long pressing volume up to boot to recovery in recovery mode
- [MagicMount] Use proper system_root mirror
- [MagicMount] Use self created device nodes for mirrors
- [MagicMount] Do not allow adding new files/folders in partition root folder (e.g. /system or /vendor)

Magisk Manager v7.3.5-
- Sort installed modules by name
- Better pre-5.0 support
- Fix potential issues when patching tar files

Magisk Manager v7.3.2-
- Fix potential crash in superuser fragment
- Preserve searched state in repo fragment

Magisk Manager v7.3.1-
- Fix blank Superuser fragment under some circumstances
- Fix incomplete repo database bug: if you experience this issue from the old version, go to Settings → Clear Repo Cache and refresh the Download fragment
- Fix crashing when pressing fast scrolling button when logs are empty 

Magisk Manager v7.3.0-
- **HUGE** code base modernization, thanks @diareuse!
- Reboot device using proper API (no more abrupt reboot)
- New floating button in Magisk logs to go to bottom

Phoenix OS Bugs:
- PhoenixOS official terminator not working.

Phoenix OS What's New:
- Modules bugs fix (supported all modules)
- NFS Injector official supported and working properly
- NFS Injector showing properly on modules
- SuperSU is more stable

Apk Info:
• Name: Magisk Manager
• Version: v20.0 & v7.3.5
• Packed: com.topjohnwu.magisk
• File Size: 14.9 MB + 2.82 MB
• Updated: 16-Oct-2019
• Main Developer: Topjohnwu
• Mod Developer: Tips Lab Team
• Requires: Android 7.0 and up
• Supported Language: English

Download Link:

Password: No need enjoy without password

How to update:
1. Copy the initrd.img & ramdisk.img into the PhoenixOS system folder.
2. Clean the system(root)/data/adb folder.
3. Install/Update magisk Manager application. (After update: Clean magisk Manager data.    *settings>apps>magisk manager)
4. Connect the internet and run magisk Manager. Install the additional files. This much :)

How to Install:
How to install magisk manager in Phoenix OS click here to see this full post

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