Thursday, September 12, 2019

POS TL Mod v3.0 PUBGM Special 99.99% Lag Free Best Gaming OS [Compiling Resources Fixed]

Phoenix OS TL MOD v3.0
POS TL Mod v3.0 Special Modify for PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 & 0.14.5 Global, Korean etc Better Game Play. You can get better performance using this modify version.

Attention: This modify version is 100% safe for PUBG Mobile, So don't worry just enjoy lag free game play.


- Smooth & Stable
- Pre-rooted with Magisk v19.3
- Kernel Linux 4.14.15
- Mesa v18.3.0
- Wi-Fi
- Ethinet
- Bluetooth
- Camera (If your PC supported)
- Audio Recording
- Video Recording
- Chrome Browser
- Chrome Browser Web View
- PlayStore
- PlayGames
- Google Photos
- Google Play Music
- Gmail
- Youtube
- Vpn
- Calendar
- Clock
- Calculator
- File Explorer
- L Speed
- Xposed Installer
- Headphone supported
- USB cable supported
- Mouse and Keyboard supported 
- Octopus official
- And many more...

TL Mod v3.0:
- Mesa v18.3.0 update added
- New mouse cursor added
- TL Mod v3.0 new wallpaper added
- PUBG Mobile compiling resource problem fixed
- PUBG Mobile high ping issue fixed (who face on v2.5)
- Some minior bugs fixed

TL Mod v2.5:
- Modded with POS v3.6.0 features
- Pre-rooted with Magisk v19.3
- All Magisk issue and moduls issue fixed
- Remove PhoenixVip Permanently
- Google play service error notification fixed
- File Manager all storage permission showing
- Cloud PC app removed
- Marvel DC bootanimation added
- Xposed Installer added
- New Green Black Mouse Cursor added
- TL Mod v2.5 New Wallpaper Added
- New Profile Picture Added
- New Gaming Tweak added in ramdisk.img
- Latest L Speed added
- Google Play Music added
- Google Photos added
- Best gaming performance added
- PUBG Mobile 99.99% Lag free

TL Mod v2.0:
- PUBG Mobile Reduce Lag 99.99%
- Faster than official anythings
- CZ File Explorer added
- New wallpaper added
- File Explorer Plus removed
- File Manager all disk partitions fixed
- Xposed Installer Removed
- Magisk Remove and SuperSU default root added
- All Gapps Updated
- New Some Gapps added (Gmail, PlayGames, Youtube)
- Youtube google play service update fixed (Latest play service added)
- and many more changes.

TL Mod v1.0:
- PUBGM Reduce Lag 90%
- Faster then official version
- PUBGM high quality graphic supported
- Settings app modify with new icon
- Phoenix Vip app permanently removed
- Increase sound quality (Better than official)
- Google Chrome added with desktop view
- File Explore Plus Mod app added
- Default wallpaper changed
- L speed added in system app
- Xposed added in system app
- Pre-rooted with SuperSU
- Removed some unwanted app
- Remove default browser
- Remove default file manager
- And many more..


- SSE4.2 Supported CPU
- OpenGL 2.0+ Supported GPU (v7) / OpenGL 3.2+ Supported GPU (v7.1)
- 2 GB Ram
- 8 GB HDD Free Space


Phoenix OS TL MOD v3.0

Phoenix OS TL MOD v3.0

Phoenix OS TL MOD v3.0

- TipsLab Team
- POS Official
- AOSP Dev
- Omni Team
- XDA Developers
- Chainfire
- Google

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