Wednesday, July 31, 2019

How to Install and active Windows 10 ROG EDITION 2019

How to Install and atcive Windows 10 ROG EDITION 2019
Hello Friend in this post i will show you How to Install and atcive Windows 10 ROG EDITION 2019. so lets start if you want install Windows 10 ROG then read this post and you can install Windows 10 ROG properly in you Pc/laptop

1. Windows 10 ROG EDITION 2019.iso
2. Rufus
3.Win10 ROG Activator 

1. Windows 10 ROG EDITION 2019.ios : click Here
2. Rufus : Click Here
3.Win10 ROG Activator : Click here 
How to install windwos :

First Download Windows 10 ROG EDITION 2019.ios and Rufus. Now Install Rufus and selected Iso file. Now insert your pendrive. now selected GPT/MBR
its depend on you pc . and click start after completed then restart you pc and install like normal windows.

How to active windows :

1.Now download Win10 ROG Activator  and simple click and wait then its completed Type Y and restart your pc you can see its successful active.
2. Now you can see here Windows 10 ROG EDITION its successful active.

Now enjoy Windows 10 ROG EDITION active if you like this post please go on our youtube channel and subscribe and click the bell icon and share this post thank you read this post

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