Thursday, June 6, 2019

Permanent Lag Fix Phoenix OS Pubg Mobile, Install prime os Kernel in phoenix os

Hello friend to i will show how to fix Permanent Lag Fix Phoenix OS Pubg Mobile, Install prime os Kernel in phoenix os

If you want fix lag in your pubg mobile you need to up upgrade your old kernel so friend i give new kernel link in post bellow . Friend this kernel not phoenix os kernel this kernel is prime os kernel you can install in phoenix os and play pubg mobile game lag free .

If you upgrade prime os kernel in phoenix os many bug fix in phoenix os and you can play pubg mobile without lag .

Upgrade kernel Benefit :

  1. Get 60 FPS
  2. wifi Fix
  3. Mouse Fix
  4. bluetooth Fix
  5. Fix lag Pubg mobile any version
  1. L Speed apps
  2. prime Os kernel
  3. APT Tools
Download link :
  1. L Speed apps : Click Here
  2. APT Tools : click Here
  3. prime Os kernel : click Here
How to Work :

Step 1: First download APT Tools and extract Zip file and open APT Tools folder . No go phoenix os folder where you install now copy system.img and past apt tools  In Folder

Step 2:  Now download prime os kernel and copy and go APT Tools and past tools Folder

Step 3:  Now open Apt tools.exe and Type 2 and Enter. wait some minute for extract system.img now you can see here complete extract img now enter any key.

Step 4:  Now Type 5 and Enter

Step 5:  Now Type G and Enter

Step 6:  Now Type A and Enter

Step 7:  Now copy you path location where you install phoneix like my Path location E:\PhoenixOS and past apt tools an enter

Step 8:  Now Type 4 and Enter Repack system.img

Step 9:  Now Type 1 and Enter 

Step 10:  Now Type 2 and Enter. Now wait some minute repack compete.

Step 11:  Now open apt tools and go out folder and copy system.img to phoenix folder and rebool you phoenix os

Step 12:  After restart phoenix os you can see success full install prime os kernel in phoenix os now you can play pubg mobile game.

Now Download l speed and install then opne pubg game and enjoy

See Video More Info

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