Thursday, June 13, 2019

How To Record Internal Audio On Phoenix OS PUBG Mobile/Any Android OS 100% Working

Hello friend welcome to back another new article. So in this article I will show you how to record internal audio in Phoenix OS , Prime os, BilssPop OS ,Remix OS 86 project Lets start now.

If you want to record internal audio Gameplay in Phoenix Os, Prime Os and other 86 Project please read this article then you can 100% successfully record HD internal audio record in Phoneix os, Prime Os

This method you can record only internal audio you can,t record own voice ,if you want to record own  voice and internal audio please comment and share this post with friend i will make new video and article in my site
1. Stereo Audio Cable
2. Stereo Headphone Splitter

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Buy Link:

1. Stereo Audio Cable : Click Here

2. Stereo Headphone Splitter : Click Here
How to works:

Step 1: First buy all requirement Goods and now see this picture

Step 2: Now Insert head phone jack In Stereo Headphone Splitter and Insert Stereo Audio Cable jack.

Step 3: Now Insert Stereo Headphone Splitter in you Pc/laptop Headphone input 

Step 4: Now Insert Stereo Audio Cable another cable in you pc/laptop Microphone Input Like my picture 

Step 4: Every think Done now install any screen recorder In Phoenix os/prime os any android os and you can record internal audio in pugb Mobile game/any game .

See This Video Get More Information 

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