Saturday, May 25, 2019

How To Install Prime OS On Any PC Or Laptop (Legacy & UEFI Supported)

Hello friend how are you i think You are good this post i will show you How to install prime Os  legacy and Uefi dual boot new trick 2019 so read this post care fully and you can install prime os on you laptop/pc

How to install prime Os UEFI


1. Prime OS : click Here

Setp 1:

First Download prime OS Windows Installer and install normally when install complete then restart yor pc.

Now go you Bios menu and go advance bios menu and disable Secure Boot
Now restart you pc prime os will be install porperly in you pc

How to install prime Os legacy  


1.Android_Installer: Click Here

2.EasyBCD: click Here

3.primeos : click Here

4.Menu.lst : click Here

Setp 1:

Now download all requirement file in link 

Setp 2: 
Now open Android_Installer and select your prime os and select your storage and install in C drive  i set my storage 10GB  Now click start and wait 10-15 miniute and install complete 

Setp 2: 
Now open EasyBCD and click eidit Boot menu and deleted android like my photo

Setp 3: 

Now click add new entry and click add new grab

Setp 4: 

Now click install grab

Setp 5: 

Now click Eidig Boot menu and rename New grab from Prime Os and click Use Metro Bootloader and  click save

Setp 6: 

Now restart your pc and click prime os now prime os properly install in your pc now enjoy and if you any problem comment here .

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