Sunday, April 7, 2019

How to earn money for Brave Broswer Publishers account per Month 50$-100$ with 8$ payment prove

Assalamu Alaikum Friends Hope you are all very good. Friends, you will be much better at seeing this post today because if you work through this post, then you can easily earn from $ 50 to $ 100 per month.

So friends posted this post with brave apps posted before friends but how do you get your payment to get paid in the post, I'll give you 8 $ dollar payment.
Hopefully people who want to earn money must read the post carefully and take the time to work. I guarantee that if you work according to my words get the payment, then let's start talking more about it.
How to earn money from Brave App Friends Install Brave App and if you refer to someone else from there, then here you will be given a referendum 40.06 + BTA Token. Friends can take this 40.06 + BTA Token Exchange by paying as Dollars. 40.06 + BTA Token is about 5 $ but if BTA Token price increases, then you get $ 5 more than a dollar after receiving a referral. I received the 40.06 + BTA Coine and its value got 7.75 $. Provide the payment below.

So many friends can have questions in mind that if the apps will pay the payment, then I will say that the app will give 100% work by following the procedure given to me. You will receive 100% payment. Besides, I gave my love. You can also enter the YouTube search Brave Payment Proof you'll be receiving numerous videos where the brave payment is given in the proof. With the help of brave payments, for almost two to three years from now, there is no doubt that you must work properly, you can take the payment properly.

How to open account here?

1.Refer without Click Here
1. Click on the link given to me at first. Dwonload Brave Click and Link will take you to Play Store. Install Brave Apps. Once installed, click FEATURES and click CREATORS.
2. Now Become a Creator Click.  
3. Get Get Started Click Now
4. Give your Gmail here Gmail can be a verified mail, you can open Gamil. 
5. Click Verify email 
6. Give your name in this place
7. Now click add channel. 
8.Youtube channel Click here. 
9. Login to your youtube gmail and allow it.   
10. Click here to make your Refer Link Active
11. Friends are just about to complete your work. How do you earn through this referrer link. Do a referrer by $ 5 in dollar income. Now you must pay attention to your post, otherwise you will not get the payment. Then I guarantee you will receive a handset payment payment.
Now copy your referrer code and you can share the link to any Android phone or laptop on your parents and friends, and download the browser from your phone or laptop to that link and install the Brave browser on your phone. Months to use.
If you uninstall an unused one by one month, then you will not get any payment.
So open the app once every single day in this month and browse anything, you must finish the work, remember that the app will have to use 30 days.
After that your referral will be active and you will get $ 5 + plus plus bonus, please read the post carefully. I can try to understand if I can not comment and comment.

How to get a payment?

1. To get paid, you will need to open an Uphold Wallet Account. I will give you the link, from there you will open the Uphold account. If someone does not want to open their account, then I will post a tutorial on how to open an account and 100% Verify. After opening Uphold Accounts, click Connected To Uphold and login to your Uphold account with Gmail, then connect. 
Apps pay on 8th of every month If you open an account today and see the post, you will get the payment on the 8th of the month, if you register at any time, you will get the payment on the next 8th of the month when you have been using a 30 day period.
Friends, how to exchange these tokens and you will take your payment as a dollar, I will teach you through a new tutorial once again after a month, how you will take your dollars.
Now the last thing is to click on this link and open the browser and open the new account that you open the browser to login the browser and at least once a day, browse anything and every time you install and install it, on the phone, The time is open once. Browse anything once you work in this rule, I guarantee you get a 100% payment because I got the peyment in this rule
So today you will be able to see if there is any problem to understand the video.
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